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Alexandra Steele

32 Yrs, Canada

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Mini Bio

*Camgirl Of The Year 2014 AND 2016!*

Hi guys! I'm Alex; an exclusive CWH model that will blow your mind, among other things (be creative here ;)) I'm a 5'10 former runway model with a penchant for the naughtier side. While I'm slim and tall, I have 30F breasts, and I have a curvy, firm little booty that begs for your attention. The face of an angel - bright blue eyes, full lips, cascading blonde hair - and the licentious thoughts of a devil. I'm super out-going, well educated, and I absolutely LOVE teasing you. I'm not shy to dirty talk, and if you get me in the mood, there's no telling what will come out of that pretty mouth.

I do a lot of JOI's, JOE's, and countdowns. I can take control, and if you're a really strong guy, perhaps the tables will even turn.

I have a LOT of costumes for role play, or a sexy strip tease, and a truly excessive amount of lingerie. Don't be afraid to talk to me to tell me your deepest desires. I shall be your fantasy, baby...

If there is something you want me to buy to wear for you, or if you just want to spoil your fave camgirl, you can order a gift card online and send it to - just reference my name and send me a message so I can be on the look out for it. I adore dressing up for you!! Some of my favorite gift cards to get are, BlueBella.US, Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, Aritzia,, You spoil me, and I PROMISE I will spoil you back! :p




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    111 - 120 lbs

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    Fri, 28 Aug 2020

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Customer comments (23)

RiddingHard 26 January in 16:41

with looks, and a smile, and a personality, that matches your body! has created a lady that is few and far between, your moves like the wind, and flow like water makes your dance that much hotter! hope these words keep you always inspired....

RiddingHard 12 January in 13:09

Crap, I hope you don't figure out a small screw up lol

RiddingHard 8 January in 06:10

I will always get a vote in on you Hell or high water

Guy_leflye 4 January in 11:15

My Sweet Goddess, thank you for unblocking my access to your cam page. Leflye

LegsNheelsman 3 January in 19:30

if she not q 15 I am screwed I tossed my 1 to 10 scale TC

jharris2012 5 November in 02:56

Beautiful,kind, down to earth! Hot body and gorgeous face! Lots of love!

Marc_CDXX 5 October in 17:45

hey its Marc!!! ill be seeing you soon!

LegsNheelsman 5 October in 01:32

This babe has legs, to make a singer like Ray Charles see... and a body!! well its not like the Girl next door look at all???? it like a lady you wished you had, and she knows probably every sex move in dance

Marc_CDXX 16 May in 17:10

i glad i was able to catch up with you today! always a great performance!!!

deipstick 27 January in 18:15

Truly a beauty for all ages with a sparkling and warmly naughty spirit! As genuine and vivacious a human being as has ever been created!

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